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Theatre Scrapbook was originally founded in 1982 by David L. DeAngelis Jr, as a musical theater program at Westerly High School known as Westerly High School Theatre Scrapbook Company. For 32 years, Mr. DeAngelis built a reputation of high quality, fun and educational theatrical productions for the town of Westerly and surrounding communities. Antonella DeAngelis founded the current incarnation of the organization in order to continue the long tradition and to bring the joy of theater to more children.


David L. DeAngelis Jr. (seated bottom right)


Owner, Antonella DeAngelis (center)

with Assistant Directors, Jalisa Burdick (left) and Abrianna Julue (right)


Our mission is to provide the students of the community a fun, safe and enriching environment where they are able to experience the wonders of musical theater among their peers.



- Develop student’s gifts and talents for acting, singing and dramatic movement.

- Allow for positive self expression in a supportive environment.

- Build self-esteem and self discipline through group cooperative work.

- Teach students to be creative and imaginative through dramatic expression.

- Encourage positive teamwork towards a common goal.

- Build self-confidence in a creative and fun manner.

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